„roadrailLink“ 2.0

r2L Transport Technic

r2L Transport Technic

VEGA as logistic service provider of truck and trailer manufacturers around the globe has developed, based on the daily business experience, the r2L roadrailLink transport technic which enables to load any rubber wheeled vehicle on to standard pocket rail wagons. In a permanent improvement and best practice process together with its technical partner KTT, the tool has become the missing Link between road and rail.

Thanks to the universal applicability of the system, inbound and outbound traffic can for the first time be combined and thus made more efficient in automotive logistics on rail. Two block trains are currently in use on the routes between Trieste - Karlsruhe and Verona - Rheine.

r2L Transport Technic

The load carrier design includes mobile and adjustable ramps and can be loaded into the standard pocket wagon in any rail terminal by reach stacker or terminal crane. A train with 16 double pocket wagons can accommodate a total of 32 semi-trailers or 64 trucks or 96 vans.

The enhanced intermodal transport solution r2L 2.1 Trailer Use was designed especially for the handling of non-craneable semi-trailers of every type. It is already implemented in plenty train concepts of different operators all across Europe.

Liftable Trailer Types with r2L transport technic

r2L Transport Technic
Key Technical Data
  • Fine-grained structural steel
  • Basic frame with slewing doors for vehicle access
  • Hot-dip galvanized platforms and tracks
  • Additional platform enables transport of three light vans
  • Suitable for transporting trailers and single wagon operation
  • 1114 x 3000 x 14750 mm (WxL)
  • Unloaded gross weight, depending on equipment, ca. 8,000 kg
  • Unloaded gross weight of Trailer Use, ca. 4,300 kg

r2L Version 1

In operation since September 2016. Block train from Trieste, Italy to Karlsruhe, Germany and v.v.

r2L Version 2 – Multi Use

In operation since September 2018. Block train from Verona, Italy to Rheine, Germany and v.v.

r2L Version 2.1 – Trailer Use

NEW: All semi trailers are craneable now!

Pure Green Pioneers

Green logistics is not just a temporary demand for Vegatrans, but rather belongs to the company philosophy and is an indispensable part of the company’s DNA. With the cooperation “Pure Green Pioneers” Vegatrans commited itself to applying climate-neutral transports together with other partners.

For further information regarding the cooperation you may want to visit puregreenpioneers.com. Find out about the ten most important recommendations for the Green Deal.

Long-term cooperation between VEGA and VTG

To actively stimulate further efforts to shift transport from road to rail, VTG AG and VEGA International have signed a master agreement that will ramp up their successful collaboration with a view to providing no-gaps intermodal offerings. Vertical loading onto T3000e pocket wagons is now possible, so the r2L technology can already be used at more than 90 percent of all European terminals. Accordingly, VTG is now exploring the possibility of also launching the r2L transport and handling technology for TWIN pocket wagons.